So many times in life we keep searching for more things to fulfill us or make us happy, no matter what we already have. I want to be that person where less is more! I have all I ever wanted or dreamed of. My husband is graduating from nursing school in a week!!!! Wow, I wasn’t sure we’d ever get to this point 😉 it was a long grueling process for all of us, but I’m so proud of him. He studied more than anyone I know and took everything extremely serious . Like a paper I would’ve winged the night before, he worked days and days on, staying up all hours of the night to perfect it . Then two and half years ago the most unimaginable thing came in our life! Our little ray of sunshine . Zoey Steele Halden has been a firecracker from day one and has kept up on full speed ever since. She is all I ever hoped for and more. When I put her to bed at night and say her prayers I still have the lip quiver , teArs rolling down my cheek from thanking God for our precious little Angel . So from the outside people might say we have so little but to me, I have everything g I’ve ever wanted and more !




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